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Hello everyone, we are Alda De Mattei and Michela Gervasoni, owners of the Gervasoni kennel since 2011, mother and daughter who share the same passion for animals and in particular for the American Cocker and the Xoloitzcuintle ( the Mexican naked dog). The progenitor of our breeding was the very sweet Ziggy who made us fall in love with the American Cocker for her playfulness and sweetness; so in 2006 our adventure began between everyday life experiences and beauty exhibitions all over Europe. More and more in love with this magnificent breed we decided to take a companion for our sweety Cocker, the Numb volcano who filled us with pride for the countless victories obtained and together with Ziggy they gave us 3 beautiful puppies, our first litter. Over the years, the furry members of our family have increased and in 2011 Michela fulfills her dream and imports the first Xoloitzcuintle, Folsom, from Mexico, who fascinated us from the very first moment. Come and discover these two wonderful breeds!